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Union Banca

Italy-based Unione di Banche Italiane commonly known as UBI Banca acquires 5% of capital of green arrow capital through reserved capital increase further company coverage.

This 5% stake came at the price of €2 million.

The deal, explained by a release, is aimed at increasing the capital endowment of Green Arrow Capital with institutional capital in order to seize any opportunities for consolidation in the private equity and private debt sector.

CEO Eugenio De Blasio commented on the deal “It is an operation that makes us particularly proud also for its exceptional nature, an agreement strongly desired and carried out despite the lockdown experienced by the country, a strong sign of optimism in a moment of global uncertainty. And we are sure that the operation will also be appreciated by our investors “,

On the investor side, Vincenzo De Falco who is head of investment banking at Ubi Banca added they were not only happy about the financial propects of GAC but also the experienced professionals by the company “We have found a high-quality team in GAC, with an interesting growth plan and a multi-sector investment strategy consistent with our objectives of increasing exposure to equity in diversified investment platforms that care about the issue of sustainability ”



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