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Singapore-based whole-plant based meat brand Karana has raised $1.7 million in seed round funding.

Karana delivers a new second generation meat alternative. The startup has used proprietary techniques to transform responsibly sourced organic jackfruit into‘pork’ that comes shredded or minced. No harsh chemicals, no heavy processing, just innovative mechanical techniques that enhance the texture of the naturally meat-like main ingredient.

This initiative was led by Henry Soesanto, CEO of Monde Nissin Corp; Big Idea Ventures; Germi8, a Japanese and Singaporean fund linked to Leave a Nest and Real Tech; unnamed Asian FMCG distributor; Hong Kong-based F&B entrepreneurs Kevin Poon and Gerald Li.

Karana hopes to use the funds to launch its first range of whole-plant based meats and dim sum products in Singapore and to accelerate its research and development (R&D) capabilities to develop its product portfolio in the region. The funds will also be used to build out an experienced regional food tech team.

Karana is set to launch its whole-plant pork made from jackfruit in mid-2020 in Singapore in collaboration with some of the country’s top restaurants. The products will be available through retail in early 2021.



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