Open Society announces a $220m deal to support nation's historic movement towards racial justice. | FI SENSE


America Open Society an all welcoming fraternity, that envelopes deep commitment to racial justice, pledges a multimillion investment round to harness activism and to build power in the black community. An active organisation, which places the rights and dignity of disenfranchised communities at the center of it’s operations.

Following, recent police brutality against black minority, Covid -19s toll on the marginalised and the yawning racial wealth gap. Open Society President Patrick Gaspard, believes the $220 million in new racial justice grants will seize the moment and make a long term investment in building power in Black communities.

This season has brought forth moments of despair, weariness borne of fighting a battle, police violence targeting black people, amplified by the deep health and wealth disparities revealed by Covid 19 – in which progress comes first and starts when it comes all, he said.

In efforts to establish a solid round of support, Open Society has made other major contributions to different sets of organisation that deem vital and have the vision, drive and capacity to make things happen. Other investment rounds range from powers such as Black Voters Matter and Circle for Justice Innovations and more established civil rights forces like the Re. Barber’s Repairers of the Breach and the Equal Justice Initiative.

Open Society’s President Patrick stated “The pandemic has devastated the job market and forced students online to pursue their studies, putting a damper on their ability to nurture their newfound political awareness at a crucial juncture. We’re investing in ways to help open new doors through fellowships and internships focusing on racial justice, democracy, and organizing to advance change’’.



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