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Tunisia- based ride-hailing and logistics startup, IntiGo, has successfully secured $1 million in funds. Local assets management firm Capsa Capital Partners led this investment round with Capsa investing US$710,000 and other angel investors also pitching in. Intigo had raised $300,000 from angel investors earlier this year and another $300,000 around November 2019.

Founded in November 2019 by Bassem Bouguerra and Nebil Jridet, IntiGo, the ride-hailing app started as a motorbike hailing startup. It has since expanded to include delivery services. Users of the platfrom can also book an IntiGo captain to run errands on their behalf for a fee.

The company has innovative approach to its business operations. IntiGo owns all the motorbikes in its network. The riders, conversely, are not on IntiGo’s payroll. The riders are allowed to rent the scooters from IntiGo and also pay a commission of 20% on each ride. IntiGo also allows companies to advertise on its fleet of motorbikes for a fee.

However, the coronavirus pandemic had an adverse effect on IntiGo just like many startups and global tech giants. InitGo just like many other companies is adjusting as cities around the world is getting back to work. The company plans to roll out an array of new services and bringing on board independent drivers with their own scooters. These drivers will be registered as IntiGo captains to expand the network of the company.



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