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 Wahyoo, an ecosystem builder that focusses on digitizing traditional small-scale announced the closing of its $5 million Series A round of financing, led by Intudo Ventures. The funding was graced by influential Kinesys Group, Amatil X (Coca-Cola Amatil), Arkblu Capital, Indogen Capital, Selera Kapital, Gratyo Universal Indonesia, and Isenta Hioe.

The startup plans to expand operations into new cities outside of Greater Jakarta, make new hires, and add new features.

“With this round of financing, we plan to expand our operations into new cities outside of the Greater Jakarta Region and make new hires, especially for our tech and product units,” said Peter Shearer, Founder, and CEO of Wahyoo.

“We will continue to add new features and services to better meet the needs of ‘warung makan’ owners, especially improving supply chain systems and financial products, which are designed to help eateries improve margins and gain access to financial service.

The startup works directly with these eateries, offering digital tools and services to attract customers, enhance marketing efforts, implement loyalty programs, order and receive groceries, manage financial accounts, and provide educational training on best practices through its Wahyoo Academy.=



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