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Gero, Singapore-based Biotech anti-aging solutions startup which leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to develop drugs for aging and other disorders has secured US$2.2 million in Series A.

The round of funding was led by a Belarus-based named Bulba Ventures with participation from other previous investors.

The fresh funds will be invested in research and development to further improve Gero’s proprietary AI platform for analyzing clinical and genetic data to identify treatments for diseases like chronic aging-related diseases, mental disorders, and others, according to the press release.

As a result of the investment from Bulba Ventures, Co-founder of Bulba Ventures Yury Melnichek joined Gero’s Board of Directors.

Founder of Gero Peter Fedichev said, “This [investment] will help us attain the necessary knowledge at the junction of biological sciences and AI/ML technologies that is necessary for the radical acceleration of drug discovery battling the toughest medical challenges of the 21st century.”

“We hope that the technology will soon lead to a meaningful healthspan extension and quality of life improvements,” he added.

Bulba Ventures Co-Founder Yury Melnichek said, “Gero’s insights and know-how when it comes to using big data and machine learning in biology is creating new opportunities in the search for cures of diseases that were previously considered incurable, primarily for aging.”



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