VinaCapital leads consortium to take 'Significant' Minority stake in Thu Cuc | FI SENSE


VinaCapital’s Vietnam Opportunity Fund has announced that it led a consortium to invest US$26.7 million in Thu Cuc International General Hospital (TCI), Hanoi.

According to the statement, the investment will afford VinaCapital a significant minority stake and a board seat in the Hanoi-based private hospital.

VinaCapital notes that not only does the hospital has in its possession some of the country’s most experienced doctors focused on obstetrics, gynecology, oncology, and “comprehensive” health checks but it is also located in one of most populated and rapidly developing areas of Hanoi.

VinaCapital chief investment officer Andy Ho said, “TCI is widely recognized as one of the top private hospitals in Hanoi, a position they have reached in a relatively short amount of time.”

“That speaks to the vision and focus of the founder, the dedicated and professional medical staff, and high quality of care they provide.”he added.



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