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China-based integrated reproductive and genetic health service firm Jabrehoo, has raised US$14.35 million in a series B+ round.  The round of funding was led by Singaporean investment firm Apricot Capital.

Jabrehoo states that the fresh funds will be mainly geared towards research and development of innovative products in the field of reproductive genetics and the overall promotion of an integrated service platform.

Founded in 2011, Jabrehoo’s aim has been to engineer lead clinical transformation and innovative research that will result in the development of related products in the field of assisted reproduction, genetics and eugenics.  This would enable to healthtech company to provide one-stop solutions for reproductive genetics for assisted reproduction couples, infertile patients, and people who are preparing for pregnancy, and promoting the localization of various detections.

Liu Wenyi, founding partner of Apricot Capital commenting on the invesvtment said  “Assisted reproduction and NGS are our long-term promising track, Jabrehoo is the first company in China to introduce NGS technology into assisted reproduction, using advanced technology to develop the growing rigid demand market. It fits our investment philosophy very well.”




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