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Tanzania-based diary processor Tanga Fresh has raised another undisclosed amount from DOB Equity, a Dutch family-backed impact investor in East Africa.

The fresh funds, according to Tanga Fresh will be use to expand overall production capacity in order to maintain access to a fair and reliable market for dairy farmers in the Tanga region.

“Less than 7 per cent of milk in Tanzania is processed, leaving a lot of room for growth in the market, said Toine Huijbers, CFO at DOB.

Establised in 1996 in the Northern coast of Tanzania, Tanga Fresh produces a wide range of products such as mtindi (sour milk), yoghurt, ghee, fresh and long-life milk. Its production facilities have expanded significantly in recent years, from initially producing 15,000 litres of milk per day to today making 80,000 litres per day in a modern high-quality plant.

The diary company has been in partnership with DOB since 2007

“We expect to see increasing demand for higher-quality processed milk in the market. It’s likely this will be largely driven by regulation and consumer awareness around the risks of drinking unsafe, contaminated milk and Tanga Fresh is well positioned to meet this rising demand,” added Huijbers.



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