Biotech startup bitBiome raises $6.6m in Series B round | FI SENSE


bitBiome, a Japanese microbiome analytics company has secured an estimated US$6.6 million in a Series B funding round according to a press release by the company.

New investors who patronized this round of financing include Universal Materials Incubator, a venture capital firm specializing in materials and chemical industry investments, IDATEN Ventures, Vital Ventures. Existing backer The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Partners (UTEC) also reinvested.

The fresh funds will be used to enhance the company’s proprietary microbe-focused single-cell genomics platform bit-MAP.

Specifically, the funding will enable a large-scale study by bitBiome on patient samples, collected in collaboration with Japanese clinical solutions provider QLife, for over 20 diseases.

“We expect that this funding will enable the company to further contribute to the development of the biotechnology industry and medical care through the participation of more commercialization members and global business expansion,” said Atsushi Usami Partner at UTEC.




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