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Allbirds, the San Francisco-based maker of comfortable, sustainable kicks just closed on $100 million in Series E funding at roughly the same $1.6 billion valuations it was assigned after closing on $27 million in Series D funding earlier this year.

The biggest market by far is the U.S., and the same day that we started here in 2016, we also launched in New Zealand, so that’s been very good to us over the last four years, too. But we’ve seen growth in Japan and Korea and China and Canada and Australia. We have a network of warehouses globally that lets us reach 2.5 billion people who, if they were so inclined, could get their product in three days. We’re proud of the infrastructure we’ve set up.

We also donated shoes to frontline workers 10,000 pairs or around a million dollars’ worth.

We just launched our native mobile app, and through it we’re able to give our more loyal fans exclusives. It’s a really cool experience that blends technology with fashion. You can try on shoes in a virtual mirror; you’re given information [about different looks] that you wouldn’t have otherwise.



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