Indonesian telemedicine “super app” Alodokter has raised an undisclosed amount in fresh capital led by MDI Ventures, the corporate venture capital of Telkom Group.The new round, led by MDI Ventures, is an extension of its US$33M Series C it raised in 2019 from investors, including Sequis Life, Heritas Capital and Hera Capital

Former investors such as Sequis Life, Golden Gate Ventures, Heritas Capital and Hera Capital also joined this extension.

Suci Arumsari, President Director of Alodokter, said: “This funding brings together Telkom Indonesia’s public service mission for Indonesians and Alodokter’s business approach to supporting general healthcare. We will utilise this funding to scale up our ability to deliver on the expectations of Indonesian users and enhance our digital health platform to be more robust, accessible and affordable.”

Created in 2014 by Nathanael Faibis and Suci Arumsari, Alodokter provides an end-to-end digital solution to patients including telemedicine, doctor booking, medical content and health insurance services.

The platform says it connects more than 30,000 doctors and 1500 hospitals and clinics with millions of Indonesian patients. It also arrays a wide array of services around telemedicine such as offline doctor booking, insurance services and digital healthcare content.

With more than 27 million monthly active users on the platform, Alodokter is also set to launch new epharmacy services in the next few months.

Previously, Alodokter has raised seed funding in 2015 and US$2.5 million in Series A led by Golden Gate Ventures in 2016.

“..with the new, larger, funding we received from Telkom this year, we are also tasked to bring such innovative partnership to other state-owned enterprises, especially in such critical sectors like healthcare. With the rise of the adoption of telemedicine, and the leadership of Alodokter, we look forward to helping spread the impact of such solution throughout Indonesia,” said Donald Wihardja, CEO of MDI Ventures.



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