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No one can deny the role women in the MENA market can play in boosting and recovering the Middle East economy from its darkest times. Many industries are in total need for women’s experience, perspective, and point of view, a big percentage of women have the ability to create potential breakthroughs that can enable growth and prevent unemployment and still women in MENA are not getting the support they need in order to break into the world of entrepreneurship.

There are societal obstacles and business-oriented obstacles that women founders in the Middle East are pressured to face. The business world is very not supportive of them and their fellow women are hugely under-represented which makes it very difficult to start a business and find a network that can provide the founders with the support and the insights they might need.

On the other hand – and in this regard similarly to their male counterparts – women face pressure from society and near ones about fixating onto a clear-path carrier, preferably in the corporate world. This might hinder women in MENA from venturing into projects that can be in itself a huge success and that can enable them to create their own empires.

It is worth mentioning that some countries are doing great at closing the gap between women and men in terms of entrepreneurship and starting new businesses and the UAE is definitely on the top of the list.

FasterCapital, an online incubator and accelerator based in Dubai, has worked with many successful and dedicated women founders from the UAE specifically.

FasterCapital runs a “women supporting month” every year and offers discounted services and support for women founders on a global level.

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