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myfisensemyfisenseJune 15, 2021

Advent International are investing $430 million in the Brazilian payments company Ebanx, financing its growth in Latin America ahead of an initial public offering planned for the coming months, Ebanx Chief Executive disclosed. CEO and co-founder Joao Del Valle said the company plans to use the proceeds from acquisitions to further expand operations in countries […]

myfisensemyfisenseJune 14, 2021

Brazilian bank Banco BTG Pactual SA has acquired a minority stake in asset manager and wealth management platform Perfin, the lender said . Perfin, which has 21 billion reais ($4.11 billion) under custody, is likely to boost BTG’s investment platform BTG Digita. BTG did not disclose the deal value and the stake acquired.

myfisensemyfisenseMarch 25, 2021

Private equity firm Advent International had a profit of around 300% in its investment in Brazilian supermarket chain BIG after agreeing to sell it to Carrefour Brasil for $1.4 billion. According to public data, since acquiring 80% of BIG for a token value from Walmart Inc 2-1/2 years ago, Advent spent around 1.6 billion reais […]

myfisensemyfisenseMarch 23, 2021

Insuretech startup Counterpart, has raised $10 million in funding led by Valor Equity Partners. Also participating was Susa Ventures and Felicis Ventures. Counterpart works in the ‘management liability’ insurance market. Counterpart will also partner with Markel Specialty, a specialty insurance division of Markel Corporation, to offer its management liability insurance products. Insuretech startups like Oscar, Lemonade, and […]

myfisensemyfisenseFebruary 15, 2021

The CGIA Institute, a global body of Finance and Investment Professionals has today, February 15, 2021 announced the introduction of new scholarship schemes for its global members. For the first time in the history of the Institute, it’s introducing four different scholarship schemes available and accessible to all its members globally. According to the Institute, […]

myfisensemyfisenseFebruary 10, 2021

Based on the Outlook Report 2021 by JP Morgan bank, we find that various regions across the Globe has dealt with coronavirus differently and these differences have greatly impacted the global healing process. Below, we discuss how regions, more specifically Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the United States have contained the coronavirus. Asia: Relatively successful […]

myfisensemyfisenseFebruary 2, 2021

With the high uncertainty in the immediate economic outlook, there seems to be little agreement on the way GDP will evolve. According to the Global wealth report 2020 by Credit Suisse, “Stock markets are likely to perform in unpredictable ways and exchange rates may be volatile as well. Household debt is a big unknown, possibly […]

myfisensemyfisenseFebruary 2, 2021

The COVID – 19 pandemics has put the world in an as severe recession as the Financial Crisis of 2008. Astoundingly, household wealth has shown resistance to the ill effects of this pandemic. A report from Credit Suisse analyses who suffered the most during the COVID-19 crisis. The report states that “The pandemic’s consequences for […]

myfisensemyfisenseJanuary 11, 2021

CGIA Institute, the global body of Finance and Investment professionals has today, announced the launching of the Global Finance and Investment Week earmarked to be celebrated globally in March 2021. To be marked and celebrated for the first time, the Global FI Week will be held from March 22 – 27, 2021 globally across the […]

myfisensemyfisenseOctober 13, 2020

CGIA Institute, a leading global body of finance and investment professionals announces ground-breaking online exams for its Charter program. The organisation will transition ALL THREE LEVELS of the CGIA program exams to computer-based testing beginning in January 2021. Fuelling this transformation are exponential increases in digitized data and the ability to apply enormous compute and […]

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